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Reversible huggie earrings

The Only Earring You Need Now: Reversible Huggies


Huggie hoop earrings are a jewelry wardrobe staple—and if you’re a Nina Wynn collector, huggie earrings are particularly essential because they’re the foundation for our signature earring hoop charms. Everything starts with the hoop!

You already know our petite hoops—the 13mm size—which are a go-to when it comes to creating different earring hoop charm looks. This spring, we’ve introduced a new option—the reversible huggie earrings.

Stores, customers, editors—everyone is absolutely loving these huggies earrings!

We made the reversible huggie hoop just a tiny bit bigger than our petite hoop so that we could set them with larger stones and have them be more of a stand-alone look, but one that’s anything but boring. Each reversible huggie hoop is made with two types of gemstones—one set faces out, and you just flip the hoop around for a completely different look. Think: moonstones for day, and emeralds for a night out.

Here’s a pair of diamond huggie earrings—classic and so elegant in yellow gold—and when you reverse the huggie hoop you get gorgeous Turquoise. These might be the best hoop earrings we’ve ever debuted because they’re understated but also pop with just the right amount of sparkle and shine.

emerald huggie earrings

Diamond & Emerald 18K Gold Reversible Huggie Earrings

turquoise huggie earrings

Diamond & Turquoise 18K Gold Reversible Huggie Earrings

Diamond & Tourmaline 18K Gold Reversible Huggie Earrings

We’re also obsessed with our black oxidized silver huggie hoop earrings, especially this dreamy pair set with luminous pyrite and the brightest purple amethyst. There’s something sort of sorceress chic, a little Stevie Nicks about this style—the combination is mysterious, enchanting, and definitely unexpected. You can order a matched pair, or each hoop separately—choosing up to four gemstone colors—to create even more artfully mismatched combinations.

Oxidized Moonstone & Tourmaline Reversible Huggie Earrings

Oxidized Diamond & Emerald Reversible Huggie Earrings

black spinel hoop earrings

Oxidized Spinel & Moonstone Reversible Huggie Earrings

Check out these turquoise and black spinel huggie earrings—they’re a really great example of huggies that nail that day-or-night, two-looks-in-one versatility that women really want from their jewelry right now.

“I think people are really looking for versatility right now, something we have always specialized in,” says Nina. “And asymmetry and creating ‘earscapes’ is trendy but also becoming what people expect and want to be wearing. The reversible huggie hoops deliver on both fronts really well—if you’re creating an ear story with multiple earring hoops charms or wearing several hoop earrings at once, one for each piercing, why not make the beginning of that story as compelling, eye-catching, and colorful as you can? Our new reversible huggie earrings offer just that, especially if you order a mismatched pair, maybe one of the multi-colored tourmaline styles with a solid-color stone.It’s playful, and so chic, right from the start. And when you add the charms you can really go crazy and create an earring look that is truly memorable, truly you.”

turquoise hoop earrings

Sterling Silver Turquoise & Black Spinel Reversible Huggie Earrings

Sterling Silver Tourmaline & Black Spinel Reversible Huggie Earrings

amethyst huggie earrings

Sterling Silver Pyrite & Amethyst Reversible Huggie Earrings

“The black spinel is an obvious neutral, something that goes with everything, and the silver is great for casual days, or when you’re working from home,” says NIna. “And we want to get people to start thinking of turquoise as a neutral, too. That robin’s egg blue is obviously perfect for spring and summer but it also works with wardrobes in fall and winter palettes.” You can shop our reversible huggie earrings online or contact your local jeweler to create a completely custom set.

And for now, a little Missy Elliott to inspire you—how will you flip it and reverse it?

Can you see yourself rocking our new reversible huggie hoop earrings? We can’t wait to see the looks you come up with. Let us know in the comments!  


Multi Tourmaline & Emerald Silver Reversible Huggies $440

Tourmalines for day, emeralds for a night out: We designed a version of popular petite hoop that’s completely reversible. Each style comes with two types of gemstones—one set faces out, and you just flip the hoop around for a completely different look. You can also order each hoop separately—choosing up to four gemstone colors—to create even more artfully mismatched combinations. Adding charms will amplify this effect.

Earwires are made in 18k gold for hypoallergenic.


An exclusive giveaway from Nina Wynn

In celebration of the launch of our reversible huggies. We are hosting a very exciting giveaway!

Tourmaline for day, Emerald for a night out:
The Reversible Huggies!

Each style comes with two types of gemstones—one set faces out, and you just flip the hoop around for a completely different look.

Win these by enter our contest.


Qualification: This giveaway is open to readers worldwide. However, we can only ship to the United States, Canada and Vietnam.
How many times can you enter? You can enter once a day to improve your chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email. We will announce the winner on our Facebook page on May 15th.



Congratulations to the Reversible huggie hoop earrings winners!

Yes!!!!!! you heard it!!! That's not one of my grammar mistakes. Winners... multiple.
I decided to pull a bonus winner for this contest. Thank you so much for all of you who participated and leave me your comments. I read them all and love you guys!!!

Check out our new Instagram contest. 


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  • Nancy Berry

    Your earrings are very Pretty.It would be great to win a pair of them

  • Jennifer Raska

    These are perfect for any occasion! They would go with everything in my closet! Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! 🔥❤️

  • Wilson

    My wife will love these

  • Denise

    Just love how beautiful they all are! My favorite are the turquoise ones! Love the bright color!

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