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Piercings just Entered a Whole New Arena: Luxury Ear Design

Just like their artful companion, the tattoo, piercings were rarely associated with elegance and class in the eyes of Western society- until now. Cue 2022 and the rising popularity of ear design. This playful and chic trend allows us to embellish and personalize our style in a whole new way. So, where do we begin?

The origins of Ear Design:

First, let’s take a look into the history. Although this trend feels new and modern, this piercing style has been practiced since ancient civilizations. In recent years, archeologists have discovered ear piercings in the bodies of mummies dating back over 5000 years.


Piercings have been celebrated by the ancient Romans to show devotion to their empire, along with the Mayans who believed they would grow closer to God. Eventually, due to the Renaissance period, a liking towards piercings began to spread worldwide. Eventually, ear piercings were worn by royals and Europe's wealthiest people.


In our modern era, as international communication and travels have expanded, so have the meshing of different cultural styles. As of 2022, we see many middle eastern and tribal influences at play with the ornate, embellishment of our ears. No longer are unique piercings only for the edgier, gothic western wearer. They are now embraced by even the most elegant of classes. Below, are three of the most famous fashion influencers, including Beyonce, all sporting ears fully decorated with modern designs.

Deciding what to Pierce:

Now, if you’re new to this whole thing, let’s explore where to begin on your journey. First, let’s make it clear that there is no “wrong” way to do this. It’s all about having fun, edging up and piercing what calls out to you. It’s best to start simple, and work your way up one by one. Like tattoos, you can always come back for more.


When it comes to your decision, seek out inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. If you search the specific earring placement, you will see thousands of photos to help you make your decision. The coolest part is that once your holes have healed, you can switch out your earrings all of the time to give you several completely different looks!


Currently, trending earrings include small, colorful studs, dainty chains, simple dangles, ear suspenders and ear cuffs.


Below is a photo of many of the unique spots that can be pierced:

Trending Nina Wynn Designs are pictured here:

Threaded Studs

Piercing Hoops


Hoops & Huggies

Choosing your piercing Jewelry:

There are two different types of earring backs that piercing shops can use to embellish your ears. They are friction backs and threaded backs.


Friction backs are the more convenient option of the two. They include a post with a slight bend that slides into a hollow back. These earrings are easier to take on and off, but slightly less secure than a friction back.


Friction backs offer a greater degree of security because they screw on. It is nearly impossible for them to sip off of your ears. On the downside, they can be moderately difficult to get on and off. One thing to keep in mind is that friction backs are highly recommended for earrings made with precious gems.

The Piercing Process:

When it comes to game day, make sure to do your research. Finding an experienced piercer is crucial to successfully and safely designing your ears. Each person has completely different ear anatomy and a licensed professional will help you determine what will work best for your ears.


Lastly, know that this process can be painful and takes ample time to heal. If you’re going to pierce your cartilage area, know that it requires some bravery going into it and 6-9 months to heal. We recommend doing up to three of these piercings at once to cut down on needing to go through the healing process several times. And the biggest life hack of all: purchase a doughnut-shaped pillow to place your ear in the center of while you sleep to avoid irritation and pain. We wish we’d known about this sooner!


If you’re interested in checking out our modern, artisanal piercing line, including both friction and threaded studs, head to or follow us on Instagram @NinaWynn for some aesthetic inspiration. We can’t wait to see you rocking your new look!


For local, Denver piercers, check out InkSmith Tattoo and Piercing Shop and Tribal Rites Tattoo and Piercing. From personal experience, both come highly recommended!

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