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Vintage Lace Square 6mm Amethyst Silver Stud Earrings - NINA WYNN
Vintage Lace Square 6mm Amethyst Silver Stud Earrings - NINA WYNN

Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Earrings

One of the world's most popular gem options, the natural amethyst stone shines here in all of its beautiful glory. The purple color works well with both gold and sterling silver jewelry as well as other metal choices with a black oxidized look. Our selection of amethyst earrings ranges from simpler stud earrings to unique artisan shape options. You can find a perfect gift for someone you care about or a beautiful pair for your own next purchase.

Amethyst Earrings for Everyday Wear

If gemstones were ranked by popularity, the rich tones of amethyst jewelry would come near the top of the list. Women with a wide variety of styles love this purple stone for its clarity and shine when paired with gold or silver. The options we offer go far beyond the ordinary, however. You get unique creations designed by professional jewelry experts who want to bring you something unique and noteworthy.

Simple amethyst stud earrings add a touch of sparkle to your look. Not only are these amethyst earrings suitable for wearing every day, but the unique halo or cushion amethyst designs could also be the perfect accessory with an elegant outfit for an evening event or special occasion.
This beautiful purple gem is February's birthstone, so these pieces would make excellent gifts for any woman born in that month. Each pair of studs or hoops would cause quite a positive reaction when she unwrapped her gift.

Hoops and Stud Earrings With the Amethyst Gemstone

The options offered at this online shop use professionally shaped round amethyst gemstones in a variety of different configurations. Consider a sleek and elegant band of gold with tiny amethyst chips around the entire thing for a touch of color in the daytime. Sterling silver earrings shine with unique hoop and dangle designs that have multi-colored crystals paired with round amethysts. We even offer black anodized metal for a more dramatic look with a variety of different stone shapes, hoops, and dangle options.
No matter what outfit you pick out for the day or evening or what your personal sense of style and fashion shows to the world, you can find the perfect amethyst earrings to complete your look.
When you choose beautiful purple amethyst accompanied by yellow gold, sterling silver, and other gem options like crystal, pearl, and diamond earrings, you have the perfect solution for a stylish wardrobe. Find the perfect jewelry to go with your favorite silver ring, pendant and chain, necklace, or other pieces that you wear every day or for special occasions. Choices at Nina Wynn come in a variety of carat weights, styles, and price ranges.
We make shopping simple so you do not have to worry about growing your jewelry collection with perfect confidence. Our online site is secure to protect your personal information, if you make a purchase that you are not 100% satisfied with, contact us through the convenient online form to learn about our refund, return, or exchange options. Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to assist you with any purchase or order questions.