Conch Earring

Styling the Conch 

So, let’s explore all of the wonderful ways that the conch piercing can be styled:

Hoop: Who doesn’t love a chic hoop wrapping around the middle of their ear? It’s the permanent version of the ear cuff that we’ve all tried on and fallen in love with from time to time. The hoop is a signature style that many people rock in their conch piercing. We love it as much as the mainstream! It is timeless and elegant at the same time.

Climber: A climber might just be the sweetest of all conch earrings. It sits so perfectly along the curve of the ear, nestled in as if it were born inside. Let’s just say that we drool every time we see one of our diamond ear climbers gently resting inside of someone's conch. I mean, what’s not to love? Our favorite earring is the emerald or moonstone “wild side” climber resting neatly in the conch.

Small Stud: The most subtle and chic choice of them all, a dainty stud in the conch piercing. This is an amazing choice for those that are freshly piercing this spot and still looking for the right statement piece to establish their vibe. You can never go wrong with a small stud in the conch. Check out our “abundant life” or “sweet nothing’s” studs for a sweet and simple vibe.

Big Stud: Well… what’s better than a giant diamond encrusted opal winking at every person who catches a glimpse of your ear. If that doesn’t make a statement, then honey I don’t know what will. Yes, do it. The “Sun Dance” opal stud is calling your name.