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Maya Moonstone Gold 18k Ring - NINA WYNN

Maya Moonstone 18k Yellow Gold Ring

$ 1,500.00

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Heritage Marquise Moonstone Silver Ring [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs

Heritage Marquise Moonstone Silver Ring

$ 1,200.00

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Queen's Claw Moonstone Silver Ring [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs
Queen's Claw Moonstone Silver Ring [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs

Queen's Claw Moonstone Silver Ring

$ 295.00

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Moonstone Ring

Rainbow Moonstone Rings

One of the prettiest the most versatile gemstone options that suit all types of precious metal from sterling silver to pink rose gold to classic 18 K yellow gold is the blue moonstone or rainbow moonstone. With the soft shifting tones, they make good alternatives to diamonds when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring for a special someone. Anyone on your gift list will love to get an attractive handmade piece created by skilled jewelry makers.

The Unique Beauty of Moonstone Jewelry

While some people may always choose a diamond and others reach for a gemstone with more color like an emerald or an aquamarine the light and beauty of rainbow moonstone or blue moonstone jewelry has been popular for hundreds of years. Women love these multi-hued gemstones because they give a unique sense of style to find handmade jewelry in 18 K gold rose gold, and sterling silver. Artisans have long enjoyed making moonstone rings, moonstone earrings, or a softly colored gemstone bracelet full of feminine energy

Blue or Rainbow Moonstone Ring Options

As the names of these moonstone ring gemstone options imply, each one has a slightly different shade that shows beautifully through the overall white color of moonstones. Although primarily as white as an opaque diamond, each stone has a few open lessons that add to its special look. When cutting in multiple facets and polished to a high gloss like the moonstone jewelry and other options we offer here, it is truly a sight to see.

Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Rainbow Moonstone

The color of a moonstone ring makes it suitable for many different types of precious metals. Sterling silver adds to the moon-like luster and is a popular choice for a moonstone engagement ring. White gold does the same thing. Rose gold adds a truly feminine touch no matter what your desired style or ring size. Yellow gold adds a touch of rich glamour and is especially popular for a moonstone ring with diamond accents. For a truly dramatic look, consider a handmade hammered band in antiqued silver with gold accents and diamond chips.

Finding Moonstone jewelry for a gift

Do you want to find a beautiful ring to give as a gift or choose something other than a traditional diamond engagement ring for the person you love? Whether you are looking for a solitaire ring with a single gemstone, perhaps with a diamond halo in white gold or rose gold setting, or simply want a fashionable rainbow moonstone ring to wear with your favorite outfit, we are here to help.
The Nina Wynn collection of Moonstone jewelry offers many choices in sterling silver and gold. Enjoy browsing our handmade sterling silver ring collection and making the difficult decision between moonstone jewelry styles. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer care team to learn more about this unique gemstone, the ring size availability, matching jewelry of other types or purchasing a gift.