Rook Piercing Jewelry

Styling the Rook:

Classy and subtle go hand in hand. If you’re ready for something new, chic and timeless, the rook piercing is for you. At Nina Wynn, we’ve designed our rook jewelry to effortlessly lay on your ear and compliment all of the piercings around. 

Looking to make a statement“bite me” ? Let our “bite me” snake earring slither across your rook. Looking for a subtle enhancement? Place a simple “open heart” stud in there. 

There are endless opportunities to explore with the rook piercing. The best part of all.. You never have to commit to a single look. The rook piercing can be changed out for whatever feeling or occasion life is throwing your way.

Take your time exploring, having fun and trying out different looks until one feels undeniably aligned with you. Seek inspiration from the beautiful world around you, but always remember to look within yourself before making any major decisions. You are the writer and creator of your own story. Write with intention, glamor and love :)