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Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace and Pendant

Popular jewelry in sterling silver is one of the most popular choices for every woman who cares about style. You can find the pendant necklace, choker necklace, charm necklace for the perfect gift or everyday wear. No matter which one you choose, the piece will be a beautiful necklace you will grow to love quickly.

Silver Necklace – Designs For Everyone

While many people love yellow gold jewelry or other metal options like stainless steel or platinum for a chain, pendant necklace, charm, or any other type of personalized jewelry to match bracelet or earrings, 925 sterling silver jewelry remains popular for its elegant shine and relative affordability. Time and again, these women's necklaces get five stars for style. Here at Nina Wynn, you can find exquisite options that suit your personal sense of style beautifully. Whether you want a sterling silver chain or pendant, the options go far beyond the ordinary.

All of our chain designs are handmade so you get the highest quality possible to pair with one of the interesting pendant options available. Consider how easy it would be to change your look with an adjustable necklace so you can get the perfect height for your gemstone, diamond, pearl, or other pendant designs. The change themselves come in a variety of styles from a wide-open link look to the most delicate liquid silver designs. We have chosen the perfect option for each one of the pendants we offer, or you can buy them separately when they are in stock.

Unique Pendant Necklace Options in Sterling Silver

Although many lovely pendants and charms come in gold these days with a variety of stone styles like turquoise, opal, and diamond, you will love the unique looks of these silver necklaces that go beyond the ordinary.

Choose moonstone for its unique white shine and shifting colors. This is a popular semiprecious gemstone for all types of jewelry, but it looks especially good with a liquid silver necklace instead of gold. Round, square, teardrop shape and chunky chip moonstone are available. Make a bold statement with a large pendant in opal boulder, which comes with both gold necklace and silver necklace options, either black or white Druzy quartz crystals, turquoise, labradorite, or the highly unique sliced geode design.

If you love necklace options that give you a unique look every time you wear them, you will love these silver necklaces. The combination of elegance and beauty in sterling silver is combined with an organic and natural aesthetic that truly adds a creative look to any outfit. You do not have to sacrifice quality when it comes to bold or delicate designs.

If you have any questions about the unique gemstones or silver used in our handmade chains or pendants, contact us through the Nina Wynn website. Jewelry specialists are ready to help with your purchase or style questions. Remember that every piece of gold, stone, or sterling silver jewelry we offer is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to satisfy your fashion accessory needs.