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Join us at our event and get welded. Customize our most popular chains and create your permanent “forever or infinity bracelet” using your favorite chain link.


Celebrate love, romance, friendship, family, and other meaningful moments by custom-making your very own luxurious permanent bracelet.


Perks: Be the first 5 guests to receive a free infinity bracelet with your purchase (value $150)


Booking fee $75 is reimbursed towards your final purchase. ($25 non-refundable cancelation fee)


What is Permanent Jewelry?

Make all special memories and fun times everlasting with permanent jewelry. Permanent jewelry refers to jewelry welded directly onto the body, customized for your best fit and comfort level. Permanent bracelets may be referred to as infinity bracelets with their seamless “infinity” fit.

Unlike most other jewelry, permanent jewelry doesn’t feature clasps. Clasps are findings on each end of the bracelet, anklet, or necklace, allowing these items to be removed and placed on at any time for the wearer’s convenience


Chains For Customization:

*All high-quality chains are available in 14k white yellow and rose gold. We are introducing a large variety of our hand wire-wrapped beaded chains for a unique choice. We also offer the standard cable chain, rolo chain, and flat link chain.


What is the cost of permanent jewelry?

Our chains start at $75 for 14k yellow, white or rose gold in flat cable option. We offer a wide range of rolo, box, flat, cable or paperclip averaging $250 each.


Why Permanent Jewelry & Welded Bracelets Are the Perfect Choice

Do you love fine jewelry? Welded jewelry, permanent anklets, and infinity bracelets offer the prestige of fine jewelry, along with endless versatility and ease. Enjoy a minimalist, understated elegance with infinity bracelets.

Do you love confident, chunky jewelry? There are wider millimeter chain links available or even bangle bracelets. Across cultures, bangle bracelets are worn as permanent bracelets. Mix and match your welded jewelry with other stacking bangles or layering bracelets for a highly accessorized style.

Invest in luxury and yourself. Keeping jewelry as a family heirloom and passing it from generation to generation enriches the original meaning behind the piece. Jewelry always retains some value–selling your unused, unworn jewelry is always an option. Enjoy your permanent bracelet as long as you wish–as mentioned above, they can be removed by a jewelry professional or yourself and soldered back on again as you wish.

Choosing welded jewelry is one step closer to revealing the true you personalized, 24/7. Express your love or commemorate your important relationships with welded jewelry. Or, indulge in the newest trends by wearing permanent jewelry, an ode to understated opulence that grabs attention with its ingenuity and innovative artistry.


Honor Your Love with Permanent Bracelets & Forever Jewelry

Permanent bracelets are the ultimate way of celebrating your long-lasting romantic or love bond with a significant other, best friend, or family member. Honor your commitment or show-off years of meaningful friendships through trials and tribulations with a permanent bracelet.

Forever bracelets offer a modern fine jewelry alternative to promise rings or other rings signifying commitment. Contemporary and right on-trend, infinity bracelets can be custom made to match for any couple, friends, and family members.


Guide to Wearing Forever Permanent Jewelry

Always wear your unique statement style with infinity bracelets and permanent anklets, perfect for those who love to accessorize every day with minimal effort and maximum prestige. Select from various designs for a streamlined, glamorous look complementing your other fine and fashion jewelry.

This short blog post will introduce welded jewelry, touch on infinity anklets, and introduce the contemporary glamor of permanent bracelets. Nothing says luxury like a beautiful piece of forever jewelry just for you


The Process of Creating Permanent Bracelets

Welded jewelry fuses the ends of the infinity bracelet or permanent anklet together, melting the metal and creating a “permanent” chain with no beginning and no end. This fusing or soldering includes using a metal alloy such as tin or lead.

This process is done by a jewelry professional who has expertise working with fine metal. Permanent bracelets feature ultra-durable metal, guaranteed to withstand frequent use with normal wear and tear. These are fine metals (noble metals). Noble metals resist corrosion and chemical reactivity. These metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) can be mixed with alloy metals without losing stability or composition.


Are Infinity Bracelets Painful?

Welded bracelets are soldered onto the wrist painlessly and quickly. This process creates a “forever” piece of jewelry that can't be removed because they have no clasp. However, permanent bracelets or infinity anklets may be cut off if necessary. Doing it yourself with sharp scissors or consulting a jewelry professional are both suitable options.


Is Permanent Jewelry Expensive?

Welded jewelry, permanent bracelets, and infinity anklets are well within your price-point and budget, leaving you plenty of designs to choose from–add affordable luxury to your day or night wardrobe with bespoke designer permanent jewelry. Selecting a chain link in any fine metal category (14k, 18k, platinum) aids in the customization of your permanent jewelry concept.

Permanent anklets and infinity bracelets are available in solid gold. Solid gold is more expensive, but well worth the investment.