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Mia Arizona Turquoise Gold 18k Dangle Earrings - NINA WYNN
Mia Arizona Turquoise Gold 18k Dangle Earrings - NINA WYNN

Dangle Earrings


Dangle earrings always the earring gets you noticed. Dangle earrings also add a hint of whimsy, glamour, and a vibe that can be alternately coquettish and seductive—depending on how big or small you go!

Nina Wynn’s collection of dangle earrings love to dance in the light, from the tiniest chrysoprase drop earrings to long earrings that really bring the drama, like our best-selling Angel Wings charms. These outstanding earrings pair etched gold or silver silhouettes, often scattered with diamonds, with an array of gemstone charms for an eye-catching colorful statement. The combinations of silver and gold earrings are endless and so much fun to put together—all the different the colors and textures and shapes will make our earrings your newest jewelry obsession.

We believe in dangle for every day, and offer so many of our earrings in neutral-colored gems like moonstone, labradorite, and our wildly popular geodes—you can add a little subtle movement and shimmer to your look, whether you’re off to work or to the yoga studio. Our silver earrings, gold drop earrings, and black oxidized silver dangle earrings are the perfect metal choice for this elevated casual look.

Still, you really can’t beat the richness of our sterling silver earrings or gold dangle earrings which are hand-engraved in a unique hand-hammered crosshatch pattern. These gold earrings are undeniably luxe, and reflect light like crazy. You’ll love the way these gold earrings pop vibrant stones like emerald, ruby, and turquoise, and make diamonds seem even whiter and brighter.

Our dangle earrings are convertible and interchangeable, each charm attaches to our gorgeous sterling silver or gold hoops; you can pile them on. Customers tend to start with textured metal or gemstone-accented hoop earrings or stud earrings offered in a number of sizes, shapes, colors, gemstones, and then can add, or be gifted, individual charms to personalize their look for their favorite silver or goldearrings.  

There’s so much to discover—shop our handcrafted, artisan jewelry of different metal to mix and match your way to a look you love now. Our diamond drop and dangle earrings are a wonderful pick-me-up self-purchase, and if you start collecting the earring charms, no one will not know what to get you for a gift. While you are jewelry shopping, check out our gorgeous line-up gold studs, sterling silver earrings, diamond hoop earrings and gemstone drop earrings for your wish list. Our newly launched sterling silver earrings collection is filled with amazing contemporary style and affordable price points.