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Since founding her namesake line in 2005, Nina Wynn has developed a cult following among collectors who appreciate her award-winning approach to jewelry design: Intricately etched, hammered, or engraved metal work combined with the raw, earthy magic of gemstones.

Everything in Nina's collection is meant to be stacked, layered and converted into an array of looks. The most popular pieces are the convertible earrings, an intricate, patent­ pending system of gemstone or diamond-set metal charms that thread onto hoop earrings, necklaces or bracelets. In 2019, Nina was recognized with the LUXURY BY JCK (Jeweler Circular Key) design award. She is currently represented in 120 independent retail locations nationwide.

Fine Jewelry – Versatile, Convertible, Addictive

Every piece in the Nina Wynn Designs collection is created to be stacked, layered and converted into a range of looks. The affordability, as well as the way the pieces work together, makes it easy to collect multiple pieces.

Luxury Piercing Jewelry - Chic, Luxe, Denim-fine

During the Covid lock down in 2020, Nina was able to work on designing her dream Luxury Piercing Collection. Taking almost two decades of experience working with jewelry, Nina designed an intricate, feminine and high quality luxury piercing jewelry collection offering a wide range of style and adding new designs monthly. 

“I was gravitated toward the ear piercing & curation trend but struggled to find feminine, denim-fine, approachable luxury piercing jewelry to style the 18 piercings I have. I was dreaming of piercing jewelry that has the similar aesthetic as my fine jewelry designs. My friends, customers and retailers are sharing similar interests. Covid lockdown allows me to horn in and design and introduce an intricate, colorful & approachable piercing collection” 

Permanent Jewelry - Forever Chic 

Taking jewelry to an even more personal level, Nina introduces her "Permanent Jewelry" collection. Infused with the essence of commitment, these pieces are designed to be with you for a lifetime. Whether it's a bracelet that never comes off or a necklace that stays close to your heart, Nina's Permanent Jewelry epitomizes the deep connection between the wearer and the piece, becoming a part of your very essence.

In the ever-evolving world of jewelry, Nina Wynn stands as a beacon of innovation and elegance. Her commitment to delivering exceptional, transformative pieces is evident in every design, from her versatile fine jewelry to the evocative Permanent Jewelry collection. Each piece carries with it a story, a vision, and a promise to its wearer: to adorn, to empower, and to endure. As you explore the world of Nina Wynn Designs, you're not just discovering jewelry; you're experiencing art that speaks to the soul.

Nina Wynn: Fine, Permanent Jewelry & Ear Piercing

We are located in the heart of Denver, housed in a charming historical building constructed in 1896. You'll find us nestled between Times Tattoo and Petunia Bakery.

2247 Federal Blvd suite 101
Denver, CO 80211

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Tuesday to Friday, 10 AM - 7 PM
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Closed on Mondays.

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