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Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise is the New Black.

Old is the new new. In 2020, as we did in the past couple of years, we see the return of heritage jewelry. Think charm bracelets and herringbone chains. Now, the latest jewelry style to make a comeback is prized turquoise jewelry. This stone, adored by the ancients, exudes all those summers feels. Those light sky blues and deep ocean teals captivate us with their mystique and bring us a sense of inner calm.

The come back of Turquoise Jewelry

So, why is turquoise jewelry the comeback kid of jewelry today? We're going to go over the unique properties of this style of turquoise jewelry, as well as its history and cultural connections. By the time you're done reading this, you'll be ready to fork over some cash for some turquoise earrings or even a turquoise ring.

A Brief History of Turquoise Jewelry.

Turquoise rings, necklaces, and bracelets have been worn since ancient times. What compelled people to keep turquoise jewelry in vogue for thousands of years? It turns out, New Agers' fascination with mystical and healing properties of stones is nothing new.

Native American, such as the Apache and Zuni tribes, have long believed that wearing turquoise jewelry would repel negativity, as well as make them more prosperous. Dynastic rulers of ancient Egypt wore turquoise jewelry regularly. Turquoise earrings, turquoise rings, turquoise necklaces, and turquoise bracelets were all in style then. Even in the Far East 3,000 years ago in China, turquoise jewelry was being fashioned into exquisite fine jewelry. In the United States, it became the official birthstone for December.

Types of Turquoise Jewelry You Can Get Right Now.

Whether it's a silver turquoise ring, gold turquoise earring, leather turquoise bracelet, or beauty turquoise necklace, you can be sure there's ones with turquoise available. What's really big right now is wearing jewelry like turquoise stud earrings. A turquoise ring is also trendy, with cross-pollination amongst both soccer moms and bohemian festival-goers. You'll also see a turquoise necklace adorned by celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and others, for use as more of a statement piece.

How to Wear Alluring Turquoise Jewelry.

Both timeless and glamorous, turquoise continues to marvel people, just as it did millennia ago. One of the most appealing qualities of turquoise is when it set in gorgeous luxe gold. That its subtle tones allow it to be worn with practically any season. The most effortless outfit to put together is to wear gold turquoise jewelry with casual denim. This usually means jeans and a t-shirt, along with a pair of gold turquoise stud earrings, gold turquoise necklace, or a fabulous gold turquoise ring.

Going about your day casually while wearing turquoise isn't the only way to rock this jewelry. You can also match it with formal attire. Whether you're hanging out with your friends or at a business meeting, turquoise is subtle enough where it's not going to scream for attention. Mix up the colors of your outfit for that boho-chic look, or match them all to look more sophisticated. Whatever style you're into, you'll be able to pull off the turquoise look.

Jump In On the Turquoise Trend.

Turquoise is back in a big way, and it's easy to see why. However, you should know that it's becoming rarer as the days go by. With few commercial mines getting any new turquoise out of the ground, some say it's going to be as rare as diamonds soon. That's why you should go ahead and get some turquoise for a good price while you still can. This enthralling stone has captivated humans for thousands of years and will continue to for many more.

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