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Opal Jewelry

Opal Jewelry

Explore the color and beauty of natural opal jewelry in a variety of metal types, stone sizes, and artisan designs. The opal gemstone is one of the most sought after in the entire world due to its amazing flecks of bright color and variation in style. Nina Wynn is proud to offer these fine selection of opal earrings, opal necklace, and other opal jewelry types.

The Beauty of the Opal Stone

Opals are one of the most colorful gemstones in the world. They range from the gently colored pink opal to fire opals with a rainbow of color to the highly valuable black opal. They come from a variety of places around the globe but Ethiopian opal earrings and Australian opal jewelry are the most common. Synthetic opals are also available, but they lack the value and essential fire of the natural gemstone options.

Your eyes will delight with every glance to see the blue, green, gold, pink, and other colors represented in these lovely gemstones. They look wonderful with both yellow gold and sterling silver. Add some gorgeous opals to your jewelry collection today or purchase as a stunning gift for someone special.

A Diverse Range of Jewelry Styles

What to with such a beautiful and versatile gemstone as an opal? With the utmost skill and creativity, jewelry designers craft looks that will delight the wearer. An opal ring with a gold band can decorate your finger with style for everyday wear or special occasions.

Opal earrings in a variety of styles are some of the most popular options. You can find natural opal earrings with stud backings, gold or sterling silver dangle earrings, or a pair with a hoop design. The Paradiso Doublet style has a complete ring of diamonds around the gorgeous central stone. Choose from a selection of diamond-studded hoop earrings in 18k gold with Shelley Opal dangles included.

An opal pendant on a thin gold or silver chain also makes a big impact when you choose it to accentuate your outfit. For example, the lovely Lilly Doublet necklace here at Nina Wynn features a upside down teardrop with three diamond decoration at the tip. It comes in multiple chain lengths for your wearing pleasure.

Opal Necklace 

Fun Fact: Back in Ancient Greece, the opal gemstone was known to possess the gift of prophecy and protection from disease. Today? Well, today we still admire the opal gemstone for its beauty and grace. 

The opal gemstone is one of our more seldom and diverse pieces of gemstone jewelry. The iridescent finish allows our opal necklaces to catch the light in a way that allows everyone to watch the gemstones change in color. We have a plentiful collection of opal stones; white opalopal doublet, and opal triplet provide you with a wide range of gemstones that allow for a show of vibrant, brilliant color. 

Why Choose Opals for Your Jewelry Purchase?

Whether you want to buy herself a lovely jewelry treat or are shopping for a gift for someone special, opals make an excellent choice. They are not the first gemstones everyone thinks of for gift giving, which makes them a unique and surprising pleasure when they arrive. Opals are the birthstone for people born in October. Buying them as a birthday gift for a wife, mother, or best friend makes sense and is sure to elicit many heartfelt thanks.

Our selection of natural opal jewelry represents expert design with high levels of creativity, careful selection of only the most beautiful gemstone options, and the same care taken to create the highest quality jewelry available. Whether you opt for opal earrings with dangling diamonds or a stunning pendant on a delicate chain, you know you get quality and sheer beauty every time.

Whatever you are looking for, whether that be warm or cool tones, we have the perfect opal jewelry for you. Our Opal rings, opal necklaces, opal bracelets, and opal earrings are too good and too gorgeous to pass up. Our gemstones shine beautifully when matched with 18K yellow gold, silver, and black oxidized chains. Check out more of our opal jewelry today.