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Vintage Lace Round Aquamarine Silver Necklace [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs
Contemporary Gemstone Silver Bangle [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs

Contemporary Gemstone Silver Bangle

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Vintage Lace Square Aquamarine Gold Vermeil Necklace - NINA WYNN
Vintage Lace Square 6mm Aquamarine Silver Stud Earrings - NINA WYNN
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Vintage Lace Square 6mm Aquamarine Silver Stud Earrings

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Fairy Dust Aquamarine Silver Ring [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs

Fairy Dust Aquamarine Silver Ring

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Aquamarine Baroque Pearl Gold 18k Necklace [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs
Aquamarine Baroque Pearl Gold 18k Necklace [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs

Aquamarine Baroque Pearl Gold 18k Necklace

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Contemprary Gemstone 18k Yellow Gold Necklace [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs
Contemprary Gemstone 18k Yellow Gold Necklace [product_metal] [product_color]  - Nina Wynn Designs

Contemprary Gemstone 18k Yellow Gold Necklace

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Aquamarine Jewelry

Like seawater, an aquamarine can flaunt shades from the palest green to a dark, deeply saturated blue. Nina Wynn is proud to offer a fresh and beautiful take on aquamarine that is a muted, milky light blue with a truly organic feel.

All of our aquamarine jewelry also features the charming and antique appeal of rose-cut stones. The rose-cut pattern is named after the flower, which it is said to resemble. With a flat base and dome-shaped top, this stone actually “rose” to popularity during the Victorian era. The word aquamarine comes from the Latin words “aqua” (meaning water) and “marina” (meaning sea), and is reminiscent of the vibrancy and iridescence of the ocean

Aquamarine is March's birthstone a serene birthstone is perfectly suited for the seasonal transition.

Aquamarine Ring

How can you resist the beauty of an aquamarine ring added to your jewelry collection? With a band and setting of gold, the cool, soft shades of this popular gemstone stand out in a truly wonderful way. The look lends itself well to use with silver metal, too. Rings created with aquamarine frequently focus on the clearer versions of these stones. They are cut into a variety of faceted shapes that sparkling gleam like the surface of crystal water.

The softer shades of natural aquamarine give a different impression to your overall aesthetic. As fashionable accessories, they match everything from elegant eveningwear to your favorite pair of jeans. Each ring offers a gentle translucent glow and the intricacy of handcrafted fine jewelry.

Aquamarine Necklace

The next time you are in the market for a piece of fine jewelry or need a gift for a special someone, consider the beauty and delicacy of an aquamarine necklace. Although you can find styles with sparkling solitaire stones, consider something more unusual without compromising beauty and style. The right necklace can make an outfit even better as it adds a noticeable touch of class or organic style that frames the face and collar with unique beauty.

An excellent option from Nina Wynn is a Chloe convertible wrap. These strings of gleaming aquamarine beads are interspersed with 18K gold or genuine sterling silver spacers. The secure class matches the metal with a lovely dangling chain accent. With lengths ranging up to thirty-eight inches, you have a multitude of wearing options from one single fine jewelry piece. This and other designs make the decision to purchase an aquamarine necklace for you or a gift recipient a perfect choice.

Aquamarine Earrings

Set in your favorite fine metal on its own or with other gemstones accompanying, aquamarine earrings shine and add a lovely accent to your style. The simplest jewelry design can make a grand impression all on its own. The Spirit aquamarine gold 18K studs give you exactly that. The unique square-cut faceted gemstones create a pleasing contrast with the brushed metal.

If you prefer something a bit more unique, consider one of the multiple designs that consists of aquamarine dangles with gem-studded hoops. These are some of our most popular styles. This is partially due to their amazing ability to provide two different types of earrings in one pair. You can wear the hoops with or without the dangles for a different look.

In our aquamarine collection, enjoy the gorgeous Angel Wings design with faceted stone charms on gold hoops covered with solid diamonds. The Mia small charm earrings have unique teardrop -shaped aquamarines with a trio of diamonds at the tip. These match the smooth gold hoops with diamond chip accents very well. Another pair has the same type of dangles in sterling silver instead of gold. The rings boast colorful turquoise stones that bring out the unique ocean blue colors in the aquamarine.

Aquamarine Bracelet

The possibilities abound when you explore the Nina Wynn collection of aquamarine bracelet styles. For women who enjoy wearing a lovely and eye-catching piece of jewelry on their wrist, the soft blue and white tones of organic aquamarine complement many outfits wonderfully. Not only can you find beautiful silver or gold convertible wrap bracelets with aquamarine beads, but you should also consider the Lotus 18K bracelet or the stunning multi-gemstone silver bangle with aquamarine and other cabochons.

With your choice of fine metal accompaniment, you can match your personal sense of style any day. Remember to shop for birthday gifts for close friends and family born in March when you consider the range of aquamarine jewelry available here. Nina Wynn always offers the highest quality and the most sought-after styles of fine metal and gemstone jewelry available.

Shop our stunning aquamarine bracelet, aquamarine ring, aquamarine necklace and aquamarine earrings that can be put into different frames or transformed into pendants. With eye-catching translucency and delightful sparkle, it’s hard to beat Nina Wynn’s aquamarine jewelry collection that is uniquely handcrafted in sterling silver, gold or black oxidized with delicate details.