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All About that Hoop Life

Hoop earrings are the hottest trend in jewelry that never went out of style

Let’s start this off by getting one thing perfectly clear, alright? We’re going to hit you with a fairly direct fact that is not up for debate or argument – and if you’re still not convinced by the end of this article, then there really is just no hope for you. Ready?
Hoop earrings aren’t just jewelry. They simply aren’t.
Hoop earrings are so much more than just another accessory.

Getting Looped into the Hoop Way of Life

Hoops are more than jewelry: They’re an attitude. They’re a statement. They’re a lifestyle.

The rich history of hoop earrings goes back thousands of years, from the gold hoop earrings of ancient Egypt to the classy and sophisticated small silver hoop earrings of Paris. Throughout every generation, hoop earrings have been reinvented and imagined to follow the current fashion trends, whether they were huge neon plastic hoops in the 80s, the smaller barbed wire sterling silver hoop earrings from the days of grunge, to the ultra-glam diamond hoop earrings worn at fashion week and Milan.
However, while the ultimate statement jewelry piece, hoop earrings are not a mere fashion accessory, but rather, a way of life. There is something magical that happens when you slip a pair of large silver hoop earrings in – something transformative. Hoop earrings deliver a punch of confidence and attitude that has become iconic in pop culture, with even Saturday Night Live paying homage with the patron saint of hoop earrings, Jennifer “J.Lo” Lopez hilariously extolling the virtues of the hoop lifestyle.

Hoop Earrings for Every Occasion

In the SNL skit, J.Lo and her partner Melissa Villasenor are the proud owners of Hoops, a jewelry store that exclusively sells all varieties of hoop earrings: Silver hoops, small hoops, pearl hoops, gold hoops, personalized hoops, diamond hoops, and so much more. Complete with the swagger, confidence, and boldness often associated with hoop earrings, the skit went on to poke fun at some of the common misconceptions about hoop earrings and those who wear them in a hysterical and loving way. Social media immediately came to the support of hoop earrings and the hoop lifestyle, with thousands of proud hoop owners showing off their favorite pieces and why they love them. “I have never felt more seen,” said Evelina Zaragoza Medina, a Buzzfeed staff writer.

The truth is, while hoops sometimes get the bad reputation of being trashy, the flexibility and adaptability for these earrings to match any mood, occasion, or style choice is simply unparalleled in the jewelry world. From an elegant cocktail dress to a wild-and-out street party, hoop earrings can deliver the right level of rowdy or refined depending on the occasion.

Hoop earrings are simply not a piece of jewelry: They are an identity and a confidence booster – ask anyone who has ever worn a pair. And for those of you who haven’t yet adorned your ears with hoops, what are you waiting for? This is a lifestyle and community that celebrates you just as you are and is ready to welcome you with open arms. 

Now, as J.Lo said: Go get some hoops!

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