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Ethereal-Chain-14k-solid-gold-yellow - Nina Wynn

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The Perfect Gift: Discover the Exquisite Cigar Band Ring in Luxurious 14k Gold

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Ruby Jewelry

July Birthstone – Brilliant Red Ruby Jewelry Pieces 

Ruby jewelry looks beautiful in sterling silver, or white or yellow gold. It is one of the most popular gemstone options on the market today. The gem has a beautiful deep red color that looks wonderful with sparkling diamonds or cubic zirconia, paired with other precious stone options like emerald or onyx, or on its own in a necklace, ring, bracelet, or pair of earrings. One thing that makes a ruby such a popular gift is that it is the July birthstone.
The July birthstone jewelry selections offered here at the Nina Wynn online shop are sure to please your desires for dazzling red stones set with diamonds, other precious gems, and a variety of metals from yellow and white gold to sterling silver. Shopping for birth month gifts to give to a family member, friend, or to keep for yourself represents a special and meaningful process. Combine the importance with a simple love of beautiful jewelry, and you cannot go wrong.

Red Ruby is the Traditional Birthstone for July

Not only does the ruby red July birthstone represent well the hot days of summer, it has also traditionally been lauded as a representation of wealth, power, and royalty. Red is the color of courage and passion. It is a romantic color, but the gemstone can also symbolize the strong type of friendship or familial love that other people share. The ruby birthstone is also symbolic of strong protection and use to be used as a type of physical talisman that would guard the wearer from harm. 
These old-time stories and ideas from folklore may not affect your modern jewelry purchasing decisions. However, fine gold and gemstone jewelry has long been used in a symbolic way to represent various things to both the one giving it as a gift and the person who receives it. Birthstones themselves are highly symbolic. The ruby gemstone may have more meaning than others.

Ruby Jewelry Options in All Styles and Designs 

Rubies are not the most common stones used at the Nina Wynn jewelry shop. The opportunity to browse through a wide variety of earring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, and ring products will leave you always wanting more. However, if you do focus on rubies alone to find the perfect July birthday gift or simply because you love the bold red color, you have a lot of options to choose from.
Perhaps you would love a pair of yellow gold stud earrings with glorious teardrop-shaped rubies and three small diamonds creating the perfect accent at the bottom. These earrings may be small, but they do create a very dramatic look for daytime and evening wear. If you prefer dangling earrings, look at the hoop charm styles that feature even larger rubies and more diamonds for more sparkle. These charms paired beautifully with a variety of gold hoop earrings so you can create your own unique look.
If you prefer to wear a necklace or do not have pierced ears, you do not have to look far for gorgeous July birthstone designs. A coiled semi-precious stone beaded necklace looks gorgeous with a ruby pendant. You can find wrap bracelets with the same stones. Consider purchasing a set for that special someone who was born in the month of July. If you prefer more delicate models, choose handmade golden chain with a teardrop ruby and diamond pendant. 
Finally, the ruby ring stands as one of the favorite options for both gift giving and buying for your own personal use. A deep-toned faceted red stone is ringed beautifully by gleaming gold and accented with small diamonds on either side. The shape and layout match the earrings, charms, and pendants you find elsewhere on the Nina Wynn e-commerce shop. What could be better than purchasing an entire set of gorgeous July birthstone pieces to wear together?

A July Birthstone Ring Is a beloved Gift

Giving ruby jewelry as a gift when a girl is born in the month is a classic and time-honored tradition. It demonstrates love, joy, and recognition of the customary gift of July birthstone jewelry when a new person enters the world. An infant cannot wear any gemstone pieces for quite a long time until they get much older, some opt to give a birthstone ring or other piece on an 18th birthday or another memorable occasion.
July birthstone jewelry offers a stunning accessory a woman would be proud to wear throughout her life. The July birthstone color of the gem goes with many different outfits and styles. With an exquisite design by a skilled jeweler, the recipient can appreciate how the earrings, necklace, or ring makes her feel every time she puts it on. 

Ruby Jewelry Works Well Any Time of the Year

Although the July birthstone may have a special place in the heart of women who are born in this hot summer month, the vibrant color of a natural ruby makes a popular choice for everyone. It is much richer and deeper than a pink sapphire and has a cooler and more vibrant tone than a garnet. When it comes to precious gemstone jewelry, rubies top lists the popularity for both personal purchases and gifts. 
Nina Wynn offers a variety of genuine and synthetic ruby pieces that would make perfect additions to your jewelry box collection. Whether you are in the market for a birthday present for a special someone or simply want to explore all of the precious stone options available, you have come to the right place. Choose from long list to find a unique and beautiful necklace, ring, bracelet, pair of hoop or stud earrings, or other fashionable accessories.