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Moonstone Jewelry

The History of Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstones have been popular throughout history. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that the moonstones derived their opalescence from the moon, hence the name. In our more recent history, moonstone jewelry was popularized during the Art Nouveau period with Rene Lalique embedding moonstones within his own artistic creations.
Moonstones are mined from around the world, including Switzerland, Australia, India, and even the USA. It’s not surprising that moonstone was the chosen gem for the Moon landings back in the 60s, or that it’s also Florida’s state gemstone. But curiously, there are no moonstone mines in Florida.
For those who practice mysticism and the occult, you’ll be curious to learn that moonstones were used as protection by sailors on the sea due to its water element, but moonstones are also used for good fortune and to provide clairvoyance in India. They are also used for love rituals and to gain wisdom.

Moonstone Jewelry

Like eons of jewelers before her, Nina Nguyen has incorporated moonstone into her jewelry designs. She primarily uses rainbow moonstone and favors the unique deep blue rainbow moonstone. Nina works with cabochon moonstone and faceted but favors the rose cut in her Moonstone collection. Especially the rainbow moonstone earrings and charms. 

Moonstone Necklace 

The moonstone is believed to quiet emotions and to calm the soul. Many people, therefore, like to wear it close to their heart as a pendant. A moonstone necklace is a beautiful way to say, “Be still my beating heart.”

Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone is also used to alleviate stress. Just as it can quiet the soul, it can also soothe the mind. Jewelers embrace this metaphysical property by making what are frequently called magic moonstone earrings. Moonstone earrings come in all designs, including studs, droplets, hoops, and more.

Moonstone Ring 

Another popular way to incorporate moonstone is with rings. The eye-catching beauty can then be enjoyed by the wearer as much as passersby. Glimpsing a moonstone ring on your hand throughout the day is a beautiful reminder to focus on peace and inner strength.

Moonstone Bracelet 

Of course, we can’t leave wrists out. Moonstone bangles are widely popular, especially for mixing and matching with other bangles and bracelets. The wearer is reminded to shed any stress every time they catch a glimmer, feel it slide down their wrist, or hear it jangle. 

Want to view more breathtaking moonstone jewelry? Browse collections of moonstone earrings, rings, jewelry, and more from Nina Wynn Designs 

Here at Nina Wynn Designs, we love working with rainbow moonstone to design some of the most beautiful jewelry like moonstone pendant, moonstone earrings or moonstone ring. We have an obsession with black oxidizing our sterling silver moonstone jewelry. The black oxidation of our sterling silver really brings out the moonstone iridescent color in the rainbow moonstone.

Find your favorite moonstone earrings, moonstone rings, moonstone necklaces and moonstone bracelet here at Nina Wynn Designs. Or check out our silver jewelry, emerald jewelry, Opal Jewelryhuggie earrings and turquoise jewelry