Convertible Jewelry

From Hoops to Pendants: Unleash Your Creativity with our Patent-Pending System

Featuring versatile charms that can transform into both hoop earrings and pendants for necklaces, these luxurious accessories offer endless possibilities for personalization.

Permanent Birthstone Bracelets

Introducing Ethereal, the hottest trend in permanent jewelry with something unique and personalized. Avaialble in 12 birthstones and 6 additional gorgeous sparkling gemstone colors.

You don't need a laser welder to close these. You just need a pair of pliers and a cutter to finish up the wire-wrapping to close these.

A Partnership of Style and Success

Our collections embody high fashion and are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using only the finest materials. Our exquisite pieces will elevate any look with sophistication and elegance.

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