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Daith Earrings

Styling the Daith:

When we searched the interwebs to locate classy, quality jewelry for this latest daith trend, we couldn’t seem to find anything that spoke to our own personal styles. Daith earrings were too edgy, too plain and didn’t sit properly in people’s ears. We knew we needed to step in and create a daith for every style, so we got to designing. 

The goal behind our daith earring design process was to elevate what was already being done and provide a classier, more ornate and artisanal twist. We love piercings and ear design, but couldn’t stand the lack of tasteful, quality piercing jewelry. 

Our designs are inspired by the places we’ve traveled around the world, particularly India, where women adorn themselves in breathtaking works of art. We wanted to play with new shapes, textures, colors and stone settings to set our look apart in the Western world.

In our “Seeker” collection, you can see a wide array of designs, colors and daith piercings to choose from. Diamond daith, emerald daith, amethyst daith, solid 14k gold daith… a daith for every occasion.