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Luxury Gold & Sterling Silver Earrings

It's more than jewelry, it's a passion

Authentic Designer Jewelry

We have it all. Find everything from quality diamond stud earrings, gold hoop earrings, rose gold earrings to silver earrings and beyond. Taking pride in the quality of earrings we offer makes our collection special. When you're shopping for hoop earrings, silver, gold, or anything else, you want to feel something. A quality jewelry piece will give you chills and make the hair on your neck stand.

There's something special about a timeless pair of sterling silver earrings. It will give your style enhancement of elegance. The feeling can be euphoric. Diamonds, gold, and silver have been coveted materials for millennia. This is your opportunity to acquire all the 100% certified diamond stud earrings and hoop earrings you need.

Find Your Earring Look

Eventually, you’ll find your look. Whether it's this purchase or the next purchase, everyone finds their style. Some prefer hoop earrings; others prefer dangle earrings. Maybe you just got a gift card and you're dying to use it. Now’s the time to explore what makes you, you. We’ve got plenty of promos to help you find your style.

Where Design & Style Intersect

Being stylish requires a timeless approach. Your beautiful set of silver or white gold earrings is a perfect example. Certain things never go out of style. Nina Nguyen is about finding that pair of hoop earrings that make you feel a certain way. Incredible gold earrings will make both you and onlookers get invigorated with the spirit of rare precious metals.  

The detail and energy put into handcrafted jewelry is beyond reason. Transferring your passion as jewelry craftsman into a work of art takes years of dedication. To bring out the sparkle in a stud earring or pair of chandelier earrings takes a laser strong focus and attention to detail. That's the level of jewelry we bring to you. Some of the varieties of jewelry we carry are:

Gold Earrings

A quality pair of golden hoop earrings will set off any outfit or style. The classic nature of a handcrafted pair of gold earrings reminds you of how complex the world is. Forged in the belly or earth, gold has to continually grind push upwards until someone finds it.

Silver Earrings

Gold & silver earrings are two of the most widely worn jewelry pieces in the world. Cultures, societies, and nations everywhere all recognize the value of gold & silver. After being professionally handcrafted, its value will rise even higher. Our silver earrings and jewelry have been touched, worked, and crafted by artisans passionate about the work they do.

Diamond Stud Earrings

The symmetry and flawlessness of a diamond stud is truly a work of art. The specialized techniques involved in diamond cutting delivers stunning masterpieces that turn into family heirlooms. Find your next pair of stud earrings right now. Shop around until you see a pair of women's earrings you can’t walk away from.

Handcrafted Women's Earrings

Style and beauty is about confidence. When you walk around wearing a pair of handcrafted women's earrings, you’ll feel elevated, special, loved, and joyful. The connection between emotions and jewelry is undeniable. See for yourself. Browse through our collection of women's earrings and see how it brightens your mood.

Amethyst Earrings

As the violet variety of quartz, Amethyst serves as a remarkable stone to be used in earrings. The immaculate chaos of amethyst is why so many are attracted to its beauty. Its purple color will bring out your royal look. Shop through our collection to see what promos we have to help your purchase. Always remember that when it comes to fine jewelry, quality beats quantity every day.

Designer Earrings

How do you feel after putting on a pair of designer earrings? Whether they’re diamond earrings, pearl earrings, or hoop earrings, the designer element adds a different dynamic. It's the sharp clarity and pristine finish that makes the perfect pair of earrings. Match your designer hoop earrings with your favorite necklace and watch your outfit jump to a level 10 out of 10.