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Nina Wynn: Fine, Permanent Jewelry & Ear Piercing

We are located in the heart of Denver, housed in a charming historical building constructed in 1896. You'll find us nestled between Times Tattoo and Petunia Bakery.

2247 Federal Blvd suite 101
Denver, CO 80211

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Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 10 AM - 7 PM
Saturday & Sunday 11AM - 4PM
Closed on Mondays.

Walk-ins are Welcome on Saturdays Only

Exclusive Posh & Safe Piercing for Kids

At Nina Wynn, we understand that a child's first piercing is more than just an adornment – it's a memorable milestone.

That's why we've created a unique, safe, and enchanting experience for your little ones, especially girls aged 6 to 15.

For a limited time, each piercing, complete with our exquisite jewelry, is just $100. Our Kid Piercing Service for $100 will include

  • Hollow Needle Piercing by an Experienced Professional Piercer
  • 14k Solid Gold Stud Earring available in 12 Birthstone Colors
  • Aftercare Saline Spray
  • Certificate of Bravery
  • Aftercare Instructions

Please book a quantity of 2 for both ears. 

Gun vs Needle Ear Piercing for Kids: Making the Right Choice

The debate between gun vs needle ear piercing for kids is a crucial one. We prioritize your child's safety and comfort, which is why we use the needle method. Needle piercing is known for being more precise, hygienic, and less traumatic to the ear tissue compared to the gun method, ensuring a safer and smoother healing process.

Understanding Rowan Ear Piercing, Target Ear Piercing, and the Nina Wynn Difference

When it comes to ear piercing for kids, you might have heard about Rowan ear piercing, known for its nurse-led services emphasizing safety and hygiene. On the other hand, Target ear piercing provides accessible services at numerous store locations. At Nina Wynn, we take the best aspects of these approaches and elevate them further. We're not just a piercing service; we're a local boutique jewelry store dedicated to creating a bespoke, safe, and comfortable experience for your child.

What sets Nina Wynn apart is our commitment to using only real solid gold in our piercings. This choice isn't just about luxury; it's about health. Solid gold is hypoallergenic, drastically reducing the risk of allergic reactions and ensuring the best healing environment for your child's sensitive ears.

Our piercers aren't just professionals; they're highly trained experts in working with children, understanding the nuances of creating a reassuring and gentle experience. At Nina Wynn, we believe in providing not just a piercing but a caring and memorable experience for your child, ensuring the best start to their journey with their new earrings.

Looking for 'Piercing New Me'? (Yes, We Know It's a Typo!)

We get it, sometimes typos lead to happy discoveries! If you've been searching for "piercing new me" but meant "piercing near me," you're in luck. Nina Wynn's studio is conveniently located for those seeking a high-quality piercing experience for their children.

Meet Your Piercer

Welcome to your first step towards a piercing experience that's not just about beauty, but also about the assurance of expertise. With Matthew, you're choosing a piercer whose hands have honed the craft of piercing to perfection over the last five years at two of the industry's most acclaimed shops.

His journey doesn't stop at just mastering piercing; he's also passionately shared his knowledge by teaching others the fine art of piercing with precision, insight, and a keen eye for trends.

Why Choose Nina Wynn?

Why Choose Nina Wynn for Your Child’s Ear Piercing?

  • Tailored Experience for Kids: Our studio is designed to create a comfortable and engaging environment for children.
  • Expert and Gentle Piercers: Our experienced professionals specialize in working with kids, ensuring a gentle touch.
  • Quality and Safe Jewelry: We use only the highest quality materials, including real gold and natural gemstones, to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Health and Safety First: We adhere to strict hygiene standards for a safe piercing experience.

Ready to create a memorable ear piercing experience for your child? Look no further! Contact Nina Wynn today to schedule an appointment. Let us add a touch of sparkle to your child's life with a professional, safe, and delightful ear piercing experience.


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