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Sterling Silver Jewelry

The Beauty of Sterling Silver Jewelry

As one of the world's most popular metal options for jewelry, sterling silver offers many different earrings, necklace, pendant, bracelet, and ring options for you to choose from. This pure silver precious metal is as popular as gold jewelry when it comes to choosing the right piece to add to your collection. Sterling silver jewelry may include a semi-precious gemstone like turquoise or amethyst, diamond or pearl accents, include natural gemstone, have unique Balinese artisan-style, or come with a wide variety of other details. 

Add Stunning Sterling Silver Jewelry to Your Collection

Although the general tone of the metal matches white gold, sterling silver offers additional opportunities to add to your jewelry box at affordable prices. They will take a bit of maintenance as sterling silver jewelry, unlike gold, will tarnish over time. Still, with all the beautiful options available to you, you should not miss the opportunity to buy a new cuff bracelet, silver earrings, pendant or Bali style silver necklace, or a gemstone and silver ring.

Sterling Silver Earrings

From simple studs to hoops and dangles, your gold and silver jewelry collection can expand beautifully with a variety of gorgeous earrings from skilled jewelry designers. Opt for an item that matches your favorite pendant with a diamond or pearl or go for an artisan piece with unique gemstone options. Some of the more popular choices at Nina Wynn have amethysts, moonstone, tourmalated or druzy quartz and labradorite.

Sterling Silver Necklace and Pendant

You have just as many options of sterling silver necklace with a variety of gemstone styles. The delicate handmade chains come in different sizes to suit various pendants we offer. You can find everything from sparkling diamond accents to less expensive but equally beautiful gemstones like cubic zirconia, lapis lazuli, and gold-toned carnelian. Each pendant design on the silver necklace products are designed by a skilled artisan one understands what women look for in necklaces and other fine jewelry.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Both beads and bangles add a glamorous touch to your favorite outfit. On our jewelry pages, you can find the perfect size, shape, and gemstone for your new favorite bracelet. Match the metal or stone to a necklace, pendant, ring, or pair of earrings to make a cohesive look. Consider wearing more than one bracelet at the same time for a creative flair.

Sterling Silver Ring

A beautiful ring made from sterling silver gives a different look than gold but shines just as brightly when accented with gemstones such as diamonds, pearls, tourmaline, moonstone, and more. No matter what your personal sense of style, you can find the right ring to accent your favorite outfit with ease. We offer everything from delicate bands with solitaire stones to chunky cocktail rings that make a statement.
Sterling silver jewelry is as popular as gold when it comes to accenting your fashion choices with the right necklace, bracelet, ring, pendant, or pair of earrings. With the vast collection offered at Nina Wynn, we are confident you can find the right size, shape, gemstone, and design to make you feel your beautiful best.