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Nina Wynn: Fine, Permanent Jewelry & Ear Piercing

We are located in the heart of Denver, housed in a charming historical building constructed in 1896. You'll find us nestled between Times Tattoo and Petunia Bakery.

Location: 2247 Federal Blvd suite 101
Denver, CO 80211

Operating Hours:
Wednesday to Saturday: 1 - 6 PM
Sunday to Tuesday Closed

Appointment Only

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Experience Ear Piercing Perfection Denver: Start Your Journey Here!

Ear Piercing

Where Denver's style-savvy crowd gathers for the finest in ear piercing experiences! 🎯💎

Curated Ear Piercing

Our ear curation service allows you to build the perfect Nina Wynn's “earscape” featuring a unique combination of earrings. ✨🌟

Permanent Jewelry

Specializing in expertly welded bracelets that grace your wrist with a touch of permanence. Learn more about our Permanent Jewelry Service 🔗✨